Cedric is a Professor in Transfusion Medicine at the University of Cambridge and a consultant haematologist for the NHS Blood and Transplant Service. His research is focused on the production of blood cells in vitro with a particular interest in platelet and megakaryocyte biology. His group has developed expertise in the production of red cells and platelets from human pluripotent stem cells using methodologies that are compatible with the production of clinical grade products within the constraints of affordable manufacturing processes.

As a consultant haematologist, Cedric is the clinical lead for a first-in human study of stem cell-derived red blood cell survival and recovery in human volunteers. He has also participated in the prestigious NHS-funded “National Clinical Entrepreneur” programme, was made a Champion for the Department of Haematology at the Cambridge Academy for Translational Science and has his own company (Cell Advice) with which Regen CTC partners, to support cell therapy development particularly in the field of haematology.